About me


Filmmaker | Animator


Raed Farid KHALEIL

Art – Director


Technical knowledge


My specialty is rigging and animating, I have very good knowledge of this specialization, I enjoy working of the characters / Machines animation.. I do a job of the small details such as detailing the facial expression, bodies, Robots and Camera. I animate the objects in special movement of animation style, I know all the styles of animation such as cartoony, MoCup & realistic for Game, VR and animation Movie......etc.

Film/Cinematic Codes

I'm a film analyst and innovator in the Film codes and Cinematography. My composition of the picture is created according to the dramatic context of the film and creativity in the development of the cinmatic-code in a new way to produce an integrated creative film. I have years of experience in reading and learning the art of film industry.

CG Generalist

I enjoy working with 2D & 3D animation for Televion and Digitally animated films. I enjoy work with Compositing " Digital Environment Painting, Matte Painting, VFX, SET Extension, Motion graphics, Match moving, 2D /3D Tracking/ Planer Tracking, Explosions, Chroma Keying / Green screen, Action Elements. And I decided to take my experience a step further to Games and VR World. ...... etc. "

Qualifications and Education

Master sessions Filmmaking . by Jodie Foster


With Oscar-winner Jodie Foster

Sessions Acting . by Samuell Jackson


Creating Characters . Physical Characterisation . Caveman's Valentine . Character Biographies . Voice & Character . Working With Directors .... etc.


2020 - 2021

1 [Unity: Become a Unity 2D Developer .. Unity 3D Essential Training .. Unity 3D Developer] ..... 2 [C#: Learning C# .. C# for Unity Game Development .. Learning Unity 2D Scripting .. 2D Game Design and Development Essential Training ..C# with Maya 2019] ..... 3 [Unreal Engen: Unreal Engine Blueprint Game Developer .. Unreal Engine Game Environment design MasterClass .. Unreal Engine Cinematic Creator for Video Game Design]

College HTL of game design

2020 - Currently

Dept. Game- und Leveldesign... Prototyping and programming of digital games. Digital Arts (2D and 3D modeling in Photoshop and 3D programs). Digital Arts (2D art, 3D modeling and animation). Fine Arts (drawing and composition). Game audio. Project management.


2015 -2020

1 [Autodesk Maya: Cinematography .. Modelling .. Rigging .. Facial Rig .. Advanced texturing .. Materialien/Shader .. Dynamics/Particles .. Rendering with Arnold .. Rendering, .. Paint Effects and Artisan .. Fundamentals of Medical Animations .. Tips, Tricks & Techniques ] ..... 2 [After Effects: Essential Training: Motion Graphics .. Compositing (Intro to VFX .. Machine Foreground to Background .. Advanced Matching and Looks, Color Keying, Rotoscoping & Edges, Tracking) .. Duik: Rigging & Animation Tools .. RubberHose: Animation and Creating Animated Characters in After Effects .. After Effects Guru: Expressions] ..... 3 [MEL: For Maya: Basic Programming] ..... 4 [MotionBuilder: Learning MotionBuilder] ..... 5 [Python: Essential Training.. Maya: Artist Friendly Programming] ..... 6 [Blender: Blender Fundamentals 2.8 ] ..... 7 [Houdini: Houdini Essential Training] .....

College of multimedia Art / Dept. Animation.

2015 - 2018

Dipl.HLFL-Ing. Fine Art Photography. Austria... Specific training in illustration, visualization, modeling, dramaturgy and storytelling. Analytically reflective knowledge in the areas of media theory, film, art and animation history Media technology implementation in professional animation and film programs, camera technology, lighting and studio technology, VFX and sound design Project-related application in the areas of 2D / 3D animation and motion design Knowledge of media law and media management

Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt (SGD)

2012 - 2014

Dipl. Graphic designer. GEPR. Germany... Graphic design: Perception and design Form and composition Means of representation and techniques Color Idea and design Photography Typesetting, reproduction and printing Illustration Posters and culture Graphic design in practice I and II. Image processing with Adobe Photoshop: From pixel to image · Selecting and changing · The perfect retouching · Refined montages, right up to printing. Graphics editing with Adobe Illustrator: Paths and curves to the perfect illustration · Correct style and good tone · Text with format · Typography. Desktop publishing with Adobe InDesign: Text editing with InDesign · Drawing and color · Templates and formats · Advertisements and newspaper design · Creation and design of books · Effects and interactive publications.

Online Marketing

2012 -2012

Dipl. Online Marketing. BFI Wien. Austria. And Online Marketing. Advanced Training of Cairo University (online course)

Universität Wien

2011 - 2013

VWU - German Language. Three semester in B1, B2 and C1.

Self-study "video2brain"

2011 -2012

1 [ HTML & Css ] ..... 2 [ Wordpress ] ..... 3 [ Magento ]

Faculty of education.

2002 - 2010

Dept. mathematics. Minia university. Egypt. BSc. in Mathematics science. www.minia.edu.eg

college of technological development.

2000 - 2002

Engineering and technological development. Mechanical department. Orthographic. Advanced Planning System (APS) and Crisis management.

Diploma in Mime-acting and Directing

1998 - 1998

Institut of De La Salle. Cairo. This course was conducted by the Egyptian director Adle Adib and the Egyptian actress Manal Salama.

Microsoft office

1997 - 1998

Windows, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, internet. Scholarship from the Prime Ministry.

My Life

Movies and Film analysis

My passion is watching movies and analysing it. I visit every week the Movie theater and movie-/history museums & animation studios, such as film studios in California - United state... ETFS in stuttgart - Germany... Festival d'Animation Annecy - France ... etc.

Human and Art history

I have been a researcher in artistic heritage since 2018 from Pharaonic to renaissance time (Egyptology, Archaeology), and I compare it with modern art (Development stage).. Also Human movements and expressions throughout history and the impact of surrounding conditions on the external of Human (Anthropology).

Traveling and Discover a new culture

I like to visit new places, and i was in a lot of different countries such as: US, England, Greece, Dubai, Hungern, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Egypt, jordan, German, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Food and Walking

I cook a lot of different dishes, and I always like to try new dishes from all over the world. If you want to discover the culture of people, you should sit with them at the same dining table.. Walking is my best sport.